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Here you will find all my freebies: tutorials, scrapping elements or kits, and everything turns around PaintShopPro and Photoshop.
All my old works was done in Paint Shop Pro, so you had to have the program to open them, but now I am adding to my usual PSP scraps format the PS files, because recenty I began studying PhotoShop. Besides I thought to add also the Png file so my works can be used to most programs. If you have problems with a link, Please leave a message in the ChatBox and I will fix it. I would love to see what you make with my kits, that would be awesome! Thank You! Don't forget to leave a little love if you download, and Please Read My TOU's before you download any of my Presets, Scraps or use Tutorials. Thank You! Enjoy! Big hugs!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentine Day's Scrapkit

Hello all, there is a new scrapkit  for Valentine 2017 here.

1 -   http://www.charlieonline.it/Febr2017-BNB_Train.php

Happy Scrapping to all!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

27 Gennaio - Giornata della Memoria - La Shoah

Never Forgotten

Dal Web
(Poesia rinvenuta in un Ghetto durante l'ultima Guerra)

Da domani sarò triste, da domani
ma oggi saro` contento:
a che serve essere tristi,
a che serve?
Perche` soffia un vento cattivo?
perche` dovrei dolermi, oggi... del domani?
Forse il domani è buono,
forse il domani è chiaro.
Forse domani splenderà anche il sole,
e non vi sarà ragione di tristezza.
Da domani sarò triste, da domani
ma oggi, oggi saro` contento;
e ad ogni amaro giorno dirò:
"da domani, saro` triste"
... oggi no.

from the Web
(Poem found in a ghetto during the last War)

Tomorrow I will be sad, tomorrow
but today I will be happy:
what use to be sad,
what's the point?
Why bad wind blows?
why should I grieve today ... for tomorrow?
Maybe tomorrow is good,
Maybe the future is unclear.
Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine,
and there is no reason for sadness.
Tomorrow I will be sad, tomorrow
but today, today I will be happy;
And every bad day I will say:
"from tomorrow, I will be sad"
... not today.

Light a Candle on your Blog - (Accendi una candela nel tuo Blog)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December BlogTrains 2016

Hello all, there are 3 new scrapkits for December 2016 here.

1 - Christmas 2016_BNB

2 - Christmas 2016_DS BT

3 - WorldWideChristmasSF_2016

Merry Christmass to all

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November BlogTrains 2016

Hello all, there are 2 new scrapkits for November 2016 here.

1- November2016 BNB_Fall Train

2 - November 2016 DS_Fall Train

Happy Scrapping to all!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

October BlogTrains 2016

Hello all, there are 2 new scrapkits for October 2016 here.

1- October2016 BNB_Hllwn Train

2 - October 2016 DS_Hllwn Train

Happy Scrapping to all!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


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